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Most Popular Varieties of Coffee

Just like any other drink, even coffee has different mixtures, flavours and techniques of brewing. The quality of every cup of coffee that you make comes from the superior quality beans used to brew it. Even the coffee beans used to make the drink have a major role in giving it the taste. And to some extent, the difference in coffee bean used also differentiates the taste of the coffee. We will take you through some of the famous names among coffee lovers. If you are feeling like drinking one to enhance your mood, then order now from our local shop. 


It is the most familiar and simplest form of coffee, created with grounded coffee beans, which are then steeped in hot water. It is usually served hot.


An Espresso is not just a beverage; it is an Italian technique of brewing coffee that makes you forget all other tastes in just a sip. It is used as a base in almost all different types of coffee varieties. 


It is the same base as the espresso, may it be single or double. Then the espresso is combined with steamed milk to give a touch of foam. The latte is usually ordered plain or with a flavour that the person likes. 


The cappuccino usually starts with one or two espresso shots and is combined with steamed milk and foam. A perfect blend between the three defines a perfect cappuccino. You can also use cream instead of milk and top the coffee with powdered chocolate for a rich look.


It is a drink that is prepared by adding hot water to the brewed espresso. It can be single or double shots of espresso. The americano is a way to enjoy the taste of espresso without much intensity of the shot. 


It is an Italian technique where a shot of espresso is topped with a small amount of frothed or foamed milk. There are two different types of macchiatos the latte and espresso macchiato. The latte macchiato is sweeter than the expresso.

Available Varieties of Coffee Beans


It is the topmost used and famous variety among coffee lovers globally. Grown in the Ethiopian highlands, they are renowned for their smooth flavour and lacking bitterness. 


These are grown in African and Indonesian lands. They are usually larger and rounder than the other types available in the markets. It usually has a powerful aroma and a roasted flavour. 


They are usually grown in the western and central parts of Africa and do not have a perfect shape or size. They are famous for their floral aroma and bold flavour.  


Grown in the South-eastern part of Asia, they usually have a tart and fruit flavour. 
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