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Significance of EV Chargers

Petrol or diesel vehicles generate harmful smoke which causes ozone depletion. The engines of these cars produce heat energy that affects the atmosphere around them. To solve this problem, people have organized companies that design electric gadgets. The use of electric vehicles has turned the way of the world because these vehicles emit no smoke. When it comes to electric vehicle chargers, our company CITA is a leading one. We provide EV chargers all over the world so that customers could benefit wherever they are living. If you are a citizen of UAE, and when it is concerned with your required EV charger, Abu Dhabi has numerous branches of CITA company where you can find all that you want.

Residential Charging Equipment

You do not always need to charge several vehicles at the same time. To benefit you at the home, office, or any place where you stay for some time, CITA EV Chargers having power up to 7.2kW and 11kW are suitable. These chargers have been given the name Smart 7 EV charger and Smart 11 EV charger. The crucial thing about these chargers is they come with three years of warranty. If you find any problem with the charger, you can call our friendly working team without any hesitation.

Commercial Charging Equipment

When it is concerned with charging up to two vehicles simultaneously, you should go for the commercial chargers designed by CITA’s Smart 22 EV charger and Smart 44 EV charger. These chargers come with two charging cables and RFID technology that enables you to access your charger at a distance of some feet. CITA has introduced a CITA EV mobile app through which you can control and monitor the activities of the charger. You can also watch the charging analytics of the charger on your mobile.

CITA Business Chargers

CITA EV Chargers do not end on the charger for two vehicles. For your business plan, we provide you with chargers that have the capacity of charging more than 2 vehicles at the same time. CITA Smart DC 60, CITA Smart DC 120, and CITA Smart DC 150 are the chargers that can grow your business model with their high capacity of charging vehicles. These chargers come with a tracker and you can track them through the CITA EV mobile app. There are two or three charging cables attached to these. One of the charger cables is an AC connector while the rest are DC connectors.

Our Experts

To monitor your charger’s charging process, our experts are there for you. They also merge your charger into the domestic power network which enables you to know the charge required by the vehicle and the maximum output. If you do not have enough space to place a charger at your home, the Smart 7 charger can be hung on the wall.

Final Thoughts

To overcome the charging problem of our customers, we manufacture the chargers that benefit you the most. Your EV smart charger helps you whenever and wherever you need it.


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